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The amazing weekend is over!

But now we have amazing memories, and so much to talk about.

I won’t tell you that I’m still in my pajamas; you’ll have to use your imagination (but please, be kind).  I did, in fact, sleep for most of Monday, but every time I woke to pad down the hall to the kitchen for some nourishment, I was smiling at a swirl of memories from the weekend.

Here are a few photos to hold you over until my next post, which will hopefully be later today, as my brain adjusts to the written word rather than the spoken.

Here is a sky view of the forward section of the Main Salon, otherwise known as Salon C.  It seated about 350 people, with standing room for more.

The title for the Opening Salon on Saturday was “Write or Wrong: Defining Virtue and the Unreliable Narrator”.  From left to right below are me, Diana Spechler, author of the novel WHO BY FIRE, and Andre Dubus III, whose latest novel is THE GARDEN OF LAST DAYS.  All of us have books that contain narrators (or in Andre’s case, points of view) who have extreme religious philosophies.  We talked about how it felt to write in their voices, to get into their heads, and to portray them without judgment.

Diana and Andre (who has enough charisma to run for public office).

Read Diana’s sweet and hilarious impressions of bge at Book Club Girl.

Below:  Andre and Diana chatting with readers in the Signing Circle